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On April 25th, the earthquakes in Nepal exposed a devastating truth: the healthcare system is broken. 

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The Nepal Earthquakes Left the Country Broken

they killed 9,000 people

injured tens of thousands

destroyed over 1,100 healthcare facilities

and left over 2.5 million people homeless

Nepal was Already Suffering from a Weak Healthcare System 

the latest data* show:

There are only 6.4 health workers for every 10,000 people

Under-5 mortality rate is 54 deaths for every 1,000 children

Less than 23% of mothers give birth with a skilled clinician 

Together, we can expand dignified healthcare across Nepal 

The earthquakes left the country in an  “acute on chronic” scenario. This means an acute emergency has been layered on top of a chronic one.

Based on our 7+ years strengthening healthcare systems in rural Nepal, we know what it takes to build a health system from the ground-up.

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On a destroyed healthcare system: 
“After the earthquake struck, everybody panicked and we struggled to find shelter. Children began to get sick from starvation and were chilled sleeping in the open field. The health post was destroyed, so we did not have access to medicine.”

—Dhan Kumari KC

On building it back:
“You are always trying to overcome one challenge after another. Sometimes it feels like it will never end. But then you see a patient leaving the hospital with a bright smile. And you realize this is all worth it. This is why I am here.”

—Prabha, our Nurse in Charge

Achham District

Where We Started

This is where we've been delivering healthcare care for over seven years to 300,000 patients  

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Dolakha District


We're expanding our model and delivering care to other vulnerable areas of Nepal

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*Global Health Workforce Alliance and World Health Organization, 2013 
*Nepal Demographic and Health Survey, 2011

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Photo credit: Kristin Lau | kristinlau.com